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Welcome to Flamin Candle, our exciting new brand! We had a vision to create an exciting, luxury modern brand for all things home fragrance. Thank you for supporting us and sharing our journey!

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About Flamin Candle

We are skilled candle makers and have mastered our craft to perfection.
Fragrance is the all important part of any candle range and we bring to you a unique selection of luxury high end scents which have become our staple fragrances. We have tested hundreds of fragrance combinations from around the world to produce a collection we are proud of with scents appealing to all tastes.
We have very strong eco ethics so all our products are vegan, eco friendly and not tested on animals. With a product this pure and highly scented we have no need for colour! Instead we use petals, flowers and crystals in our wax melts.
All of our candles and wax melts are made from the purest biodegradable soy wax with no additives. We love the creamy finish of a purely natural product and hate paraffin so you can expect a high end soot free candle and long lasting wax melts that are easy to remove from your burner.
Every item we produce is lovingly hand made to a very high standard. We offer both retail and wholesale for our brand and new items and fragrances are being added daily.
We are very happy to help advise on all aspects of choosing the right fragrance or product so please pop us a message if you'd like any help.

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